M.Sc. Theses

Anastasiou Panagiota.  Dissertation Title: "Stochastic Models Applied to Consumer Behavior and the Analysis of Brand Switching Data via Latent Class Analysis", ISBN: 960-7929-70-5
Supervisor: J. Panaretos, Professor.
External Examiner: David J. Bartholomew, Professor, London School of Economics, ENGLAND.


Andritsos Ioannis.  Dissertation Title: "The Age Pattern of Mortality in Balkan Countries: Comparisons Over Time and Space", ISBN: 960-8287-01-4
Supervisor: A. Kostaki, Lecturer.
External Examiner: Peter Congdon, Professor, Department of Geography, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, ENGLAND.


Apostolakis Nikolaos.  Dissertation Title: "Insurance Applications of Statistics (Tariff Classification in Auto Insurance)", ISBN: 960-7929-00-4.
Supervisor: N. Frangos, Associate Professor.
External Examiner: Dr. A.W.Kemp, School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, University of St. Andrews Scotland.

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Publications - Conferences

​Panaretos, J. (2009). "The Impact of the Crisis on Education at Governmental Level: Centralised vs. Decentralised Educational Systems". Paper presented at the OECD Conference, "Higher Education at a Time of Crisis, Challenges and Opportunities". Copenhagen, June 2009.


Panaretos, J. (2009). "The Greek Educational System: Lost Opportunities and new Directions". Annual Conference of the Confederation of Greek Tutors. Keynote Speaker. Thessaloniki, 27-28 June 2009.


Panaretos, J. and Malesios, C. (2009). "Assessing Scientific Research Performance and Impact with Single Indices". Scientometrics, vol. 81 (3), pp. 635-670. (Abstract)


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​​Technical Reports


C. De Michele & H. Pavlopoulos (May 2014). On the variance-scale plot of intermittent time series, its ranges of scales, and applications to rainfall series.

H. Pavlopoulos & W. Krajewski (December 2013). A diagnostic study of spectral multiscaling on spatio-temporal accumulations of rainfall fields based on radar measurements over Iowa.

A. Kostaki (December 2013). Dealing with inaccuracies and limitations of empirical mortality data of small populations.

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