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Technical Reports

​276      C. De Michele & H. Pavlopoulos                  

On the variance-scale plot of intermittent time series, its ranges of scales, and applications to rainfall series (May 2014)


275      H. Pavlopoulos & W. Krajewski                   

A diagnostic study of spectral multiscaling on spatio-temporal accumulations of rainfall fields based on radar measurements over Iowa (December 2013)


274      A. Kostaki                  

Dealing with inaccuracies and limitations of empirical mortality data of small populations (December 2013)


273      P. Peristera & A. Kostaki                  

Α parametric model for describing nuptiality patterns in modern population (December 2013)


272      A. Kostaki, M.J. Moguerza, A. Olivares & S.Psarakis          

Support Vector Machines as tools for graduating demographic rates (December 2013)


271      K. Chrissis & A. Livada          

Income inequality in Greece: EU-SILC evidence (December 2013)


270      E. Xekalaki & S. Degiannakis

On a Distribution Arising in the Context of Model Evaluation and Selection (June 2013)


269      E. Xekalaki & M. Zografi

Modeling Spatial Overpersion via the Generalized Waring Process (May 2013)


268      E. Xekalaki & S. Degiannakis

A Predictive Ability Based Model Selection Method (April 2013)


267      E. Topalidou & S. Psarakis

Control charts for the logarithmic distribution (April 2013)


266      P. Castagliola, A. Achouri, H. Taleb, G. Celano & S. Psarakis

Monitoring the Coefficient of Variation using a Variable Sample Size Control Chart (April 2013)


265      J. Cano, J.M. Moguerza, S. Psarakis & A. Yannacopoulos

Using Statistical Shape Theory for the Monitoring of Nonlinear Profiles (March 2013)


264      S. Psarakis, A. Vyniou & P. Castagliola

Some recent developments on the Effects of Parameter Estimation on Control Charts (March 2013)

263      A. Livada, K. Chrissis & Dimeli

Income Inequality and Macroeconomic Activity in Greece (March 2013)


262      K. Chrissis & A. Livada

Income Inequality Measurement in Greece and Alternative Data Sources: 1957-2009 (October 2012)


261      M. Schreiber, C.C. Malesios & S. Psarakis

Exploratory factor analysis for the Hirsch index, 17 h-type variants, and some traditional bibliometric indicators (December 2011)


260      J. Panaretos & C. Malesios

The Career Path of the Most Cited Social Scientists (December 2011)


259      J. Panaretos & C. Malesios

Global Movement of Leading Economists (December 2011)


258      J. Panaretos & C. Malesios

Highly Cited Physicists: Origins Education and Affiliation (November 2011)


257      J. Panaretos & C. Malesios

The Road to Success of Highly Cited Researchers in Engineering (November 2011)


256      K. Chrissis, A. Livada & P. Tsakloglou

Top Income shares in Greece: 1957-2008 (November 2011)


255      E. Panas

Homeorhesis and Influence of Different Types of Capital on Life Satisfaction: the case of Greeks under crisis (May 2011)


254      M. Schreiber, C.C. Malesios & S. Psarakis

Categorizing Hirsch index variants (December 2010)


253      E. Xekalaki & M. Zografi

An Extension of the Generalized Waring Process on a Metric Space (February 2010)


252      E. Xekalaki & C. Malesios

Evaluating the Impact of the ECC09 on the People Involved through a Statistical Modeling Approach (December 2009)


251      E. Xekalaki & M. Zografi

Conditional intensity and Janossy density of the Generalized Waring Process (September 2009)


250      E. Xekalaki

A Good Fit of Pearson Type VI Distributions; But Why? (August 2009)

249      E. Xekalaki & M. Zografi

Simulating data from the Generalized Waring point process in R² (July 2009)


248      E. Xekalaki

On the interplay between partially unobserved branching processes and their observable parts (June 2009)


247      X. Pedeli & D. Karlis

Bivariate INAR(1) models (June 2009)


246      J. Panaretos

The Impact of the Crisis on Education at Governmental Level: Centralised vs. Decentralised Educational Systems. Paper presented at the IHME/OECD international conference on Education at a time of Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities. (Keynote speaker). Copenhagen, 28-30 June 2009. (June 2009)


245      J. Panaretos

Which are –and which should be- the aims of the Greek educational System. Paper presented at the 26th annual meeting of Greek private tutors (in Greek).  (Keynote Speaker). Thessaloniki, June 27-28, 2009 (June 2009)


244      J. Panaretos & C. Malesios

A Comparison of Statistical Journals Based on Bibliometric Indices (May 2009)


243      Z. Georganta, E. Kandilorou & A. Livada

Tracing learning and study skills in economic and business studies: a statistical survey (March 2009)


242      E. Panas and V. Ninni

Is there s Software Kuznets Curve? (November 2008)


241      J. Panaretos & C. Malesios

Identifying Trends Over Time in h-index by utilizing the h-index sequences and linear mixed effects model methodology: a case study (   October 2008)


240      J. Panaretos & C. Malesios

An h-type index for discriminating scientists of the same h-index by adjusting for the extremely highly-cited articles in the h-core (September 2008)


239      J. Panaretos & C. Malesios

A Population-Modulated Bibliometric Measure with an Application in the Field of Statistics (August 2008)


238      J. Panaretos & C. Malesios

Influential Mathematicians: Birth, Education and Affiliation (July 2008)


237      K. Orfanogiannaki, D. Karlis & G.A. Papadopoulos

Identification of seismicity patterns using Poisson Hidden Markov models (July 2008)


236      E. Kandilorou, Z. Georganda & A. Livada

Η έλλειψη δεξιοτήτων μάθησης τροχοπέδη στην πανεπιστημιακή γνώση (July 2008)


235      J. Panaretos & C. Malesios

Assessing Scientific Research Performance and Impact with Single Indices (March 2008)


234      E. Topalidou & S. Psarakis

A review of the multinomial and multiattributes control charts (February 2008)


233      S. Psarakis

The use of Neural Networks in Statistical Process Control Charts (January 2008)


232      C. De Michele & H. Pavlopoulos

On the Stationarity of Rainfall Time Series (November 2007)


231      H. Pavlopoulos, J. Picek & J. Jureckova

How Heavy Are Probability Tails of Wet and Dry Durations of Regionally Averaged Rainfall Fields? (October 2007)


230      H. Pavlopoulos, R. Chandler & V. Isham

Spectral Multiscaling: A Framework for Down-Scaling Regional Averages and a Diagnostic Study on Observed and Simulated Spatio-Temporal Rainfall Fields (September 2007)


229      M. Katsikatsou & Irini Moustaki

An investigation of the main factors that affect Greek consumers’ willingness to pay more for ecological products (September 2007)


228      M. Kiani. J. Panaretos & S. Psarakis

A New Procedure to Monitor the Mean of a Quality Characteristic (May 2006)


227      J. Panaretos, S. Psarakis & M. Kiani  

A New Evaluation of the Normal Distribution Function (May 2006)


226      T. Angelidis & S. Degiannakis

Value-at-Risk Econometric Modeling (May 2006)


225      T. Angelidis, A. Benos & S. Degiannakis

A Robust VaR Model under Different Time Periods and Weighting Schemes (May 2006)


224      S. Degiannaki

Forecasting VIX (May 2006)


223      T. Angelidis & S. Degiannakis

Backtesting VaR Models: An Expected Shortfall Approach (May 2006)


222      D. Rizopoulos & I. Moustaki

Generalized Latent Variable Models with Non-linear Effects (April 2006)


221      H. Pavlopoulos & D. Karlis

On Time Series of Overdispersed Counts: Modelling, Inference, Simulation and Prediction (March 2006)


220      C. Tarantola, G. Consonni & P. Dellaportas

Bayesian clustering for row effects models (December 2005)


219      S. Degiannakis & E. Avgouleas

The Impact of the EC Financial Instruments Markets Directive on the Trading Volume of EU Equity Markets (October 2005)


218      S. Degiannakis & T. Angelidis

Volatility Forecasting: The Illusion of Choosing One Model In All Cases (September 2005)


215      H. Kandilorou & A. Livada

A Latent Variable Model of Creativity and Social Compromise (March 2005)


214      E. Xekalaki & S. Degiannakis

The Distribution of the Minimum of the Components of a Vector Having a Multivariate Gamma Distribution (December 2004)


213      S. Degiannakis & E. Avgouleas

Market Transparency and the Liquidity Trade Off: The Possible Impact of the EC Directive on Financial Instruments Markets on Trading Volume   (November 2004)


212      S. Degiannakis, A. Livada & E. Panas

An Examination of Levy-Stable Models Using Rolling Samples (November 2004)


211      S. Degiannakis, A. Livada & E. Panas

An Examination of ARCH Models Using Rolling Samples (November 2004)


210      P. Dellaportas & C. Tarantola

Model Determination for Categorical Data with Factor Level Merging (October 2004)


209      S. Degiannakis & T. Angelidis

VaR and Intraday Volatility Forecasting: The Case of the Athens Stock Exchange (September 2004)


208      S. Degiannakis & T. Angelidis

Modeling Risk: VaR Methods for Long and Short Trading Positions (July 2004)


207      S. Degiannakis

Forecasting Realized Intra-day Volatility and Value at Risk: Evidence from a Fractional Integrated Asymmetric Power ARCH Skewed-t Model (July 2004)


206      E. Panas

Αλλομετρική Ανάλυση, Θεωρία του Συγκριτικού Πλεονεκτήματος και πόσα μετάλλια θα κερδίσει η Ελλάδα στους Ολυμπιακούς του 2004 (July 2004)


205      E. Xekalaki & S. Degiannakis

A Comparison of the Standardized Prediction Error Criterion with Other ARCH Model Selection Criteria (March 2004)


204      S. Degiannakis, T. Angelidis & A. Benos

The Use of GARCH Models in VaR Estimation (October 2003)


203      E. Panas & V. Ninni

Η Σημασία του Δείκτη Ανθρώπινης Ανάπτυξης για την Ελλάδα (1) (October 2003)


202      D. Karlis & A. Papadimitriou

Maximum likelihood estimation for the multivariate Normal Inverse Gaussian model (September 2003)


201      T. Merkouris

Weighting and Variance Calculation Issues Related to Inter-stratum (September 2003)


200      E. Xekalaki

Over and Under Dispersion (February 2003)


199      D. Karlis & E. Xekalaki

Mixed Poisson Distributions (February 2003)


198      S. Degiannakis & E. Xekalaki

A Conjucture on the Independence of the Standardized One-Step Ahead Prediction Errors of the ARCH Model (February 2003)


197      S. Degiannakis & E. Xekalaki

Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (ARCH) Models: A Review (February 2003)


196      P. Maravelakis, J. Panaretos & S. Psarakis

EWMA Chart and Measurement Error (February 2003)


195      P. Maravelakis, J. Panaretos & S. Psarakis

Robustness to Non-normality of the EWMA Control Charts for the Dispersion (February 2003)


194      G. Chronis & E. Ioannidis

Extreme Spectra of Var Models (ακριβής τίτλος θα δοθεί σε περίπου 1 μήνα 18/2/03) (December 2002)


193      K. Thomas & P. Tzortzopoulos

Δείκτες Γεωργικών Τιμών στην Ελλάδα, Ιστορία, Μεθοδολογία, Εφαρμογές και Συγκρίσεις με τους αντίστοιχους δείκτες χωρών-μελών της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης (November 2002)


192      L. Dionisopoulou & A. Kostaki

Γαμηλιότητα στην Ελλάδα (1975-1998) (November 2002)


191      S. Degiannakis & E. Xekalaki

Evaluating Volatility Forecasts in Option Pricing in the Context of a Simulated Options Market    (October 2002)


190      S. Zaxariou & E. Xekalaki

Η μη απάντηση στην Έρευνα Εργατικού Δυναμικού. Επιπτώσεις στην ελτίμηση του πλήθους των Οικονομικών Μεταναστών και μέθοδοι αντιμετώπισης του προβλήματος (October 2002)


189      S. Strigou & E. Xekalaki

Στατιστική Ανάλυση Κλινικών και Εργαστηριακών Δεδομένων Ασθενών με Καρκίνο του Στομάχου (October 2002)


188      S. Binas & A. Livada

Κοινωνικοί Παράγοντες και Σχολική επίδοση των μαθητών της Α' Λυκείου: Μία πιλοτική έρευνα στην περιοχή της Πρωτεύουσας Αθηνών (October 2002)


187      S. Chrisanthopoulou

A Review of Data Disclosure Methodology (October 2002)


186      E. Mpitrou & P. Tzortzopoulos

Έρευνα για το Εκπαιδευτικό πρόγραμμα "Βουλή των Ελλήνων" της Βουλής των Ελλήνων (October 2002)


185      A. Μagoulas - M. Zazanis

Queueing and diffusion models for the make-to-stock production systems (October 2002)


184      A.Limakopoulou-E.Xekalaki

A classification of Statistical approaches to Experimental Carcinogenesis (October 2002)


183      G. Konomos & E. Xekalaki

Επιδημιολογικη Μελετη για την Διερευνηση Παραγοντων Κινδυνου στην Αναπτυξη Παθολογικων Καταστασεων Μυοσκελετικου Πονου (October 2002)


182      P. Efthimiopoulos & E. Xekalaki

Στατιστική Ανάλυση της Συμπτωματολογίας και της Φαρμακευτικής αγωγής Ανδρών που πάσχουν από Καλοήθη Υπερτροφία του προστάτη (September 2002)


181      I. Diamantis & S. Psarakis

Statistical Quality Control of Teaching by Means of Approach the Total Quality Control in Education (July 2002)


180      F. Pavlopoulos & J. Panaretos

Ανάλυση και Προβλέψεις χρονολογικών σειρών με τη χρήση μεθόδων Εκθετικής Εξομάλυνσης και την προσέγγιση Box-Jenkins (July 2002)


179      M. Diamantaras & S. Psarakis

            Εξόρυξη Δεδομένων (Data Mining) (July 2002)


178      T. Liapis & C. Dimaki

Υποδείγματα Χρονολογικών Σειρών-Εφαρμογή στην Πρόβλεψη Κινησιμότητας Internet (July 2002)


177      P. Kalantonis & S. Psarakis

Έρευνα Κοινωνικοοικονομικών χαρακτηριστικών μαθητών-Καταρτιζομένων ιδιωτικού εκπαιδευτικού ομίλου (July 2002)


176      N. Mitsios

Methods of Estamiting Mortality at Higher Ages (June 2002)


175      G. Papaleonida & S. Psarakis

Control charts for Monitoring Autocorrelated Processes (June 2002)


174      K. Rizos

Το Δημογραφικό Πρόβλημα στην Ελλάδα (Υπογεννητικότητα-Γήρανση) (June 2002)


173      P. Triantos & A. Kostaki

Επιδημιολογική μελέτη της χρήσης ναρκωτικών ουσιών στην Ελλάδα (June 2002)


172      K. Gortzis & S. Psarakis

Δείκτες Ικανότητας Διαδικασιών (June 2002)


171      A. Likos

Prices, Interest Rates and The Exchange Rate: An Empirical Cointegration Analysis Using Greek Data (May 2002)


170      V. Gravalos & S. Psarakis

Ανάλυση και προβλέψεις χρονολογικών σειρών με τη χρήση μεθόδων εκθετικής εξομάλυνσης και την προσέγγιση Box-Jenkins (May 2002)


169      C. Enotiadis

Computational Programs In Specific Statistical Aspects:A Comparative Review (May 2002)


168      E. Xekalaki & M. Perakis

The Use of Principal Component Analysis in the Assessment of Process Capability Indice (April 2002)


167      M. Perakis & E. Xekalaki

A Bayesian Technique for Assessing Probabilities Connected With the Yield of a Process (March 2002)


166      M. Zakynthinou & A. Kostaki

Δημογραφική Προσέγγιση της Αστικοποίησης του Ελληνικού Πληθυσμού (1951-1991) (February 2002)


165      C. Dimaki, O. Kaminioti, A. Kostaki, Z. Tsourti & S. Psarakis

Εκπαιδευτικές και Επαγγελματικές Προτιμήσεις των Μαθητών του Λυκείου στα Αστικά Kέντρα: Εσωσχολικοί και Εξωσχολικοί Παράγοντες Επιρροής (February 2002)


164      A. Kostaki

A Simple Procedure as an Alternative to Numerical Methods for Estimating the Parameters of Heligman-Pollard formula (February 2002)


163      C. Papatheodorou, V. Peristera & A. Kostaki

Accessing Income Distribution using Kernel Estimates: A Comparative Study of Seven Studies. (February 2002)


162      P. Maravelakis, S. Bersimis, J.Panaretos & S.Psarakis

Identifying the out of Control Variable in a Multivariate Control Chart (December 2001)


161      M. Perakis, P.Maravelakis, S. Psarakis, E. Xekalaki & J.Panaretos

On Certain Indices for Ordinal Data with Unequally Weighted Classes (December 2001)


160      E. Panas

Lexical Richness of Indexes can be Estimated Consistently with Knowledge of Elasticities:Some Theoretical and Empirical Results (November 2001)


159      M. Perakis & E. Xekalaki

On the Relationship Between Capability Indices and the Yield of a Process (October 2001)


158      M. Perakis & E.Xekalaki

On an Alternative Approximation of the Critical Values for Tests on the Process Capability Indices CPL and CPU (October 2001)


157      V. Angelis, C. Dimaki, S. Psarakis & I. Virras

Testing the Effectiveness of the MaxEWMA chart in Measuring the effect of financial incentives on regional development (October 2001)


156      P. Maravelakis, J. Panaretos & S. Psarakis

EWMA Control Chart and Non-normality when the Process Parameters are Estimated (October 2001)


155      P. Maravelakis, J. Panaretos & S. Psarakis

Effect of Estimation of the Process Parameters on the Control Limits of the Univariate Control Charts for Process Dispersion (October 2001)


154      P. Peristera & A. Kostaki

Graduating Mortality Data Using Kernels Evaluation and Comparisons (September 2001)


153      A. Katrinaki & A. Livada

Univariate Time Series Forecasting Methods: A Comparative Review (September 2001)


152      A. Georgakopoulou

Portfolio Analysis. The Most Important Theories with Application to Athens Stock Exchange (Spetember 2001)


151      Z. Tsourti & J. Panaretos

Extreme Value Analysis of Teletraffic Data (August 2001)


150      D. Karlis

A Cautionary Note about the EM Algorithm for Finite Exponential Mixtures (August 2001)


149      Z. Tsourti & J. Panaretos

Extreme Value Index Estimators and Smoothing Alternatives: Review and Simulation Comparison (July 2001)


148      V. Michalacopoulos & E. Xekalaki

Using Sampling Techniques to Estimate the De Jure Population of Greece and Apportion Parliament Seats Among Electoral Districts (July 2001)


147      E. Panas, G. Vamvoukas, & V. Gargalas

Further Evidence on Sim's Argument Concerning Monetary Policy Shocks (July 2001)


146      V. Angelis, I. Virras & C. Dimaki

Δείκτης Αξιολόγησης Οχημάτων. Θεωρητική Προσέγγιση & Πρακτικές Εφαρμογές (June 2001)


145      M. Kondakis & C. Dimaki

Survival Analysis Techniques (June 2001)


144      M. Benia & C. Dimaki

Characterizations of Lifetime Distributions Based on Reliability Measures (June 2001)


143      H. Pavlopoulos & V. Gupta

On the Intermittence of Rain-Fields:A Space-TimeApproach (May 2001)


142      S. Psarakis & C. Plastaria

Process Capability Indices:A Literature Review (April 2001)


141      D. Karlis

Exact Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Mixed Poisson Regression Models (March 2001)


140      F. Margiora & J. Panaretos

Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity Models the Dynamic Structure of the Athens Stock Exchange (March 2001)


139      E. Panas & V. Ninni

An Analysis of Environmetal Kuznets Curve Using Regional Time-Series Data (March 2001)


138      E. Panas & V. Ninni

Εκτίμηση της ζήτησης νερού στην Ελλάδα με την χρησιμοποίηση διαστρωματικών στοιχείων και χρονολογικών σειρών (March 2001)


137      V. Angelis, C. Dimaki & I. Virras

Measuring the Effect of Financial Incentives on a Region's Development. A Statistical Quality Control Approach (March 2001)


136      I. Andritsos, A. Kostaki

The Age Pattern of Mortality in Balkans Countries:Comparisons Over Time and Space (March 2001)


135      N. Demiris & P. Dellaportas

Monte Carlo Techniques in Pricing Financial Derivatives (March 2001)


134      M. Perakis & E. Xekalaki

Quantifying the Capability of a Process in Terms of the Proportion of its Conformance (March 2001)


133      S. Degiannakis & E.Xekalaki

Assessing the Performance of a Prediction Error Criterion Model Selection Algorithm (March 2001)


132      D. Karlis & E. Xekalaki

On Implementing the EM Algorithm in Finite Poisson mixtures (March 2001)


131      S. Degiannakis & E.Xekalaki

Using a Prediction Error Criterion for Model Selection in Forecasting Option Prices (March 2001)


130      M. Perakis & E. Xekalaki

Capability Indices for Discrete Processes: The Poisson Case (March 2001)


129      D. Demetrakopoulou & E. Xekalaki

On Analysing Demand and Making Inventory Decisions (March 2001)


128      M. Perakis & E. Xekalaki

On An Improvement in Confidence Limits for the Proportion of the Conformance (February 2001)


127      A. Limakopoulou & E. Xekalaki

A Classification of Statistical Approaches to Experimental Carcinogenesis  (February 2001)


126      N. Yiokari, E. Xekalaki & D. Karlis

On Some Discrete-Valued Time Series Models Based on Mixtures and Thinning (February 2001)


125      M. Perakis & E. Xekalaki

A New Method for Constructing Confidence Intervals for The Index Cpm (February 2001)


124      P. Maravelakis & E. Xekalaki

On the Estimation of the Distribution of the Summand Variables in Poisson Stopped Sums (February 2001)


123      E. Panas

A Long Memory and Chaotic Model of the London Metal Exchange (LME) Market (February 2001)


122      P. Anastasiou & J. Panaretos

Stochastic Models Applied in Consumer Behavior and the Analysis of Brand Switching Data via Latent Class Analysis (February 2001)


121      M. Zografi & E. Xekalaki

The Generalized Waring Process (January 2001)


120      N. Tzavidis & J. Panaretos

Aspects of Estimation Procedures at EUROSTAT with some Emphasis in the Over-Space Harmonisation (January 2001)


119      D. Karlis

Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Multivariate Shock Models via the EM algorithm (November 2000)


118      Th. Dimitrakos & A. Kostaki

Methods of Estimating Infant and Childhood Mortality (October 2000)


117      V. Dikopoulos & S. Psarakis

The Economic Design of X over bar Control Chart: A Literature Review for 1950-1999 (October 2000)


116      D. Karlis & A. Kostaki

Bootstrap techniques for mortality models (October 2000)


115      J. Panaretos

Social and Educational Impact from the Introduction of National Exams in Greek High Schools: First Findings (October 2000)


114      S. Bersimis & S. Psarakis

Multivariate statistical process control: A review and some applications (October 2000)


113      E. Panas & Vamvoukas

Further Evidence on Export-Led Growth Hypothesis (October 2000)


112      D. Karlis

An EM Algorithm for Multivariate Poisson Distribution and Related Models (September 2000)


111      D. Karlis & E. Xekalaki

On some Distributions Stemming from the Triangular Distribution (August 2000)


110      I. Panaretos, S. Psarakis, M. Perakis & P. Maravelakis         

The Use of Indices in Surveys (Η Χρήση Δεικτών στις Έρευνες) (August 2000)


109      E. Panas

The Generalized Torquist: Specification and Estimation of a new Vocabulary-Text Size Function (June 2000)


108      F. Fanara & M. Zazanis

Risk Processes With Delayed Claim Settlement (June 2000)


107      I. Stamoulis & N. Frangos

Extreme Value Theory in Reinsurance (June 2000)


106      E. Panas

On the Self-Similar Nature of the Intraday Data: The Case of the Athens Stock Exchange (June 2000)


105      M. Fridakis & A. Livada

Statistical Detrending Methods for Economic Variables: A Comparative View (May 2000)


104      I. Monopolis & S. Psarakis

The Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) Processes in Statistical Process Control (SPC) (May 2000)


103      M. Zazanis & C. Karamichalakou

Variance Asymptotics for Regenerative Systems (May 2000)


102      J. Halikias & K. Kokkalas

Box-Jenkins Approach in Greek Economic Time Series (May 2000)


101      D. Karlis & I. Ntzoufras

Distributions Based on Poisson Differences With Applications in Sports (April 2000)


100      E. Panas & V. Ninni

Are Oil Markets Chaotic? A Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis (February 2000)


99        Y. Zaphiropoulos & M. Zazanis

Approximations of Risk Processes with Time-Varying Poisson Claim Epochs (February 2000)


98        E. Panas

Generalized Beta Distributions for Describing and Analyzing Intraday Stock Market Data: Testing the U-Shape Pattern (February 2000)


97        E. Panas & V. Ninni

Οικονομετρική Ανάλυση της Βιομηχανίας Αλουμινίου στην Ελλάδα (February 2000)


96        V. Vasdekis

Efficiency Measures and Bounds Under a Misspecified Covariance Matrix (February 2000)


95        D. Karlis

An EM Type Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Normal Inverse Gaussian Distribution (January 2000)


94        N. Frangos & S. Vrontos

Design of Optimal Bonus-Malus Systems With a Frequency and a Severity Component on an Individual Basis in Automobile Insurance (December 1999)


93        E. Kandilorou

The Family Income Effect on the Difference Between Reproductive Intentions and Fertility (October 1999)


92        A. Agathokleous & P. Dellaportas      

Direct Sampling from Posterior Densities of Some Common Generalized Linear Models (September 1999)


91        S. Giakoumatos & N. Frangos

Testing the Efficient Market Hypothesis in Greek Stock Market       (September 1999)


90        M. Perakis & E. Xekalaki

Process Capability Indices for the Exponential, the Chi-Square and the Lognormal Distribution (August 1999)


89        E. Panas

Estimating Fractal Dimension Using Stable Distributions and Exploring Long Memory Through Arfirma Models in Athens Stock Exchange (August 1999)


88        D. Karlis & E. Xekalaki

The Polygonal Distribution (July 1999)


87        Y. Zaphiropoulos & M. Zazanis

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