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Funded Projects


​Schools with pilot educational programs. Quality in Education


Development of Statistical indices for the evaluation of the educational work of school units, based on statistical quality control and providing objective assessment of the various school activities. In addition, training of a significant number of school teachers in total quality of education.


Deliberative Poll

Organization of a deliberative poll in the Municipality of Marousi in collaboration with the Center for Deliberative Democracy (  of Stanford University.


European Citizens' Consultations

The European Citizens' Consultations  are organized by a consortium of more than 40 independent European partner organisation.


European Citizens' Consultations 2007

Citizens from 27 member states of the EU had the opportunity to discuss the future of Europe at the National Citizens' Consultations in their country. The results of the National Citizens’ Consultations in each of the 27 countries, contributed to shaping the "European citizens' opinion about the future of Europe", which was presented to European and national policy makers. ISRAD had the organization of the project in Greece and Cyprus.


European Citizens' Consultations 2009

European Citizens' Consultations 2009 were part of the continuing process for the further development of citizens' participation and of the  consultation mechanisms at a European level. They were based on the success of European Citizens' Consultations 2007, which established a new model of citizens' participation. Citizens from the 27 member states of the EU had the opportunity to discuss the future of Europe not only at the National Citizens' Consultations in their country, but also participating in the web consultations among citizens from other countries. ISRAD had the organization of the project in Greece.


Europe Wide Deliberative Poll "Tomorrow's Europe"

Participation in the European Program of the first Paneuropean Deliberative Poll "Tomorrow's Europe", in collaboration with Notre Europe.


Statistical Analysis of Educational Data

Collection and statistical analysis of data on the mobility of scientists among different countries and on the impact of graduate programs, as well as the construction of indices for the assessment of the research performance of scientists.


Total budget of projects: € 355,508.85



Public Investment


€ 177,388.11 (used for the purchase of offices)


Regular Budget


1995, 1996: 85.106,38

1997: 29.347,03

2006: 37.337,00

2007: 45.000,00

2008: 38.530,00

2009: 38.329,00





-  The Institute has privately owned offices acquired in 1999.

-  Air borne particle sampling device/system for environmental measurements (€ 23,800).


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